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Willow Springs Farm, home of Willow Springs Wirehaired Dachshunds


We live on a 90 acre farm in Georgia.   We raise our dogs in our home with us.  We have based our breeding on the strict practices of the DTK (Deutscher Teckelklub).  This means that correct conformation and good temperament are very important to us.  We have DNA tested all our breeding dogs for Padora, cord1 PRA and OI.  It is important to us to breed the healthiest dogs possible.  We also NEVER cross breed coat types.  Many breeders in the USA will mix smooth or long coated dachshunds with wires.  The wirehaired dachshunds we fell in love with in Germany were pure wirehaired and that is all we produce.  The wirehaired dachshund has such a unique, comical personality that we do not want to lose that happy-go-lucky personality by mixing in other coat/personality types.   We also DO NOT SHIP our puppies.  We want to meet the new parents of our dogs as it is important for us to know where our babies are going.  Our puppies come with limited AKC registration and we also require a spay/neuter contract. 

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