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breeder of merit

We are honored to be chosen as AKC Breeders of Merit.  Our wirehaired dachshunds are all AKC registered and those that we have imported are also registered with the kennel clubs of their respective countries.   Our foundation dogs come from top quality European stock.  Our miniature dogs generally weigh between 7 ½ - 11 pounds.   Our standards generally weigh between 22 - 30 pounds.  We occasionally have some miniatures who end up a bit larger, 12 - 14 pounds.    Our dogs are raised in our house on our small family farm in Georgia and are members of our family.  

about us

We love animals.  We live on a 90 acre farm in central Georgia.  Our dachshunds have lots of room to play and hunt. We are honored to be recognized as AKC Breeders of Merit.

our dogs

While living in Germany we fell in love with wirehaired dachshunds. All our dogs are members of our family.  We not only breed our dogs to conform to the breed standard but we breed dogs that can function for the jobs they were bred for.  Several of our dogs are Dual Champions, competing in both conformation and field trials.    


We have always had a waitlist for our puppies but I am currently in treatment for breast cancer and it is sometimes difficult for me to try to manage all the requests.  I have temporarily added an available puppy page to try to make things easier for me. We do require a spay/neuter contract on our puppies.

 We raise our puppies in the house with us.  When they are around 4 weeks old they move out of the whelping room into the family room/kitchen where they are exposed to new sounds and experiences daily.

miniature wirehaired dachshund
miniature wirehaired dachshund



miniature wirehaired dachshund

willow springs farm

wirehaired dachshund

All photos are property of Willow Springs Dachshunds and are not to be used without permission.

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