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Our Retired Dogs

We wish we could keep all of our retired dogs here at Willow Springs Farm but it is impossible to run a full time breeding program and keep all our retired dogs.  Some are able to remain and the others go to carefully chosen homes.  This is probably the hardest part of breeding dogs.  Most of our retired dogs have gone to families who already have Willow Springs dogs.  We do charge a fee for our retired dogs, it varies based on age, health, etc.   Please see our                        page for dogs looking for retirement homes. 


Vici has retired and is living in north Georgia


ZiZi is living in Atlanta


Nutmeg is living in Colorado.


CH Willow Springs Ulrike, lives in Indiana,


Gofri is spending her retirement here at Willow Springs.

Zambini and Pixie

Zambini and Pixie are now "brother and sister" living in New York City


Multi Champion Onyx will be spending his retirement in Illinois. His son Amos and daughters Pixie, YoYo and Olé are part of our breeding family here at Willow Springs.


CH Royal Pepper's Fransin Wild Willow "Pipsi" became an angel way too soon. She was born in Finland and loved everyone she met. She lives on in her puppies.


Dual Champion Willow Springs Four on the Floor mw "Forest" is now officially retired and has found a wonderful new home in California.

jitterbug jade

Jade retired in 2019 and is living in Atlanta. Her daughters Rainforest and Phoebe have joined our breeding program to continue her legacy.

CH Willow Springs Evening Primrose

CH Willow Springs Evening Primrose "Prim" is our first bred by AKC Champion. Prim is living out her retirement on a beautiful horse farm in West Virginia.


Liesl is living out her retirement here at Willow Springs Farm.


Willow Springs Sassafras and her daughter. Sassafras now lives in Atlanta.


Olé is the daughter of Cricket and Onyx. She is wheaten and weighs 8 pounds.


Hazel is the "Queen Mother" here at Willow Springs. Even the large standards bow down to her.


Peanut, Hazel's only daughter is a permanent resident here at Willow Springs.


Int'l Champion Ballerina von Sunderhaar


Willow Springs Fastdance "Fern" has retired to Kansas where she lives with her Willow Springs "brother" Captain.


Savannah has found a loving home in Georgia not too far from us here at Willow Springs Farm. Her son Gus has joined her so they are together again.


Willow Springs Gus is now living with his mother Savannah in Georgia. It is nice for them to be together again.


Dual Champion Willow Springs X-Man is retired and currently living with us here at Willow Springs


Indiana came from Germany. She produced some beautiful puppies while living with us. She now lives in California with her Willow Springs "sister" Klementyne.


Nele retired in 2018. She is now living in New Jersey with her "sister" GCH Willow Springs Island Breeze.


Willow Springs No Place Like Home "Ruby" lives in Arizona.


Vattelapesca "Vatti" is now living in New York.


Gordon is enjoying life in Arizona.


Willow Springs Quintessa "Tessa" is retiring to Georgia

Willow Springs Cricket, daugh

Cricket is the daughter of Uriel and Liesl. She is now enjoying life in New York. Her daughter Olé looks just like her and has taken her place in our breeding program.


Jackie will be spending her retirement in Maine and Amelia Island.


Uriel is spending his retirement in a beautiful setting in Chile, South America. He will soon be joined by a Willow Springs "little brother"


Gardenia, daughter of Indiana and Yosemite will be spending her retirement in Arizona.


Yosemite is one of our special angels. Always in our hearts.


Willow Springs Organically Grown mw "Okra" left us too soon. She took her 5 puppies with her and broke our hearts. She lives on through her daughters Cosy and Cupcake who are part of our Willow Springs family.


Gunner is another one of our special Willow Springs angels.

zelda rip

Zelda became an angel way too soon. She will always have a special place in our heart and lives on through her offspring.

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